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Clinical Assessment

We have a team of highly experienced Clinical Engineers who can be contracted to you to perform independent assessments on posture and mobility, and who can mould for custom seating.

All of our Clinical Engineers are:

  • Degree qualified (most with a relevant Masters post-graduate degree) and all have attended the Oxford Postural Management Course
  • HPC registered (Clinical Scientist) and voluntary register (Clinical Technologists)
  • Able to assess and prescribe, and will fully support, compliment and integrate into a clinical team

Our Clinical Engineers will typically see a maximum of 4 complex clients in a day, to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment is possible. They can be used as a second opinion in challenging cases, or as a compliment to your existing team. We will make independent recommendations regarding the most appropriate products. We are happy to supply and ensure successful delivery of the products, from standard equipment through to custom moulded solutions, although you are not obliged to use Contour 886 to provide the end products.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch