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What to expect

At Contour886 we offer a simple and convenient service, designed to be flexible around the needs of our customers.

There are three simple steps for us to create a bespoke seat.

1. Contour moulding

To start, we will spend time getting to understand the client’s needs.

Next we conduct a plinth assessment to establish the optimum sitting position and biomechanic support necessary to support sitting balance.

The client is then transferred onto moulding bags, which are held in an adjustable chair. These are shaped around the client, starting at the pelvis, to provide the support they need.

As we shape, we suck the air out of the bags to create a support profile of the contours (seat and back). Each client is given some time to sit in the imprinted bags to make sure they are comfortable.

We record key details, and a handover date is confirmed.

At this point we offer a choice of colour for the seat covers.

2 . Back at the workshop

  • For Contour Matrix and Contour Lynx seats we drape the chosen material over a cast (taken from the mould) and adjust it to flow around the cast. A frame is then secured around it to ensure the shape is retained.
  • For Contour Form a sandwich of foam and plastic are vacuum formed over the cast and trimmed to shape.
  • For Contour Profile we directly translate the mould into foam, using our profiling machine (a similar principle to key cutting). The foam is then trimmed and a shell made to contain it.
  • Contour Hybrid is a seat made from a combination of the above processes.
  • Once the seat is built, care is taken to get the final look right and the seat is upholstered.

3. Contour handover

  • The client will see their finished seat for the first time.
  • Where possible we will have fitted the seat into the desired frame (wheelchair, static seat etc).
  • First we'll check the position of the client the seat to make sure that they are comfortable.
  • If adjustments are required they can be done immediately.
  • Next we'll provide instructions on the use of the seat. We’ll also provide a user guide booklet for reference.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch