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Custom Seating Engineer Clinics

Our Clinical Engineers are not always needed for repair and maintenance work to custom seating systems. So we have introduced Custom Seating Engineer clinics to help manage your workflow in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

These clinics address the gap that exists in the capabilities of a rehab engineer and the skills required to make repairs and adjustments to a custom seating system; we provide you with a repair and maintenance resource for your custom seating that your rehab engineer can’t offer.

While this work has previously been performed by the Clinical Engineers, we recognise that this is not the best use of their time. By freeing up time in the schedule of the Clinical Engineers, they are able to focus on the more clinically demanding work that requires their specialist input.

We offer both full and half day Custom Seating Engineer clinics, where we provide technical support to your clinical team. Working with your therapist where you provide the clinical input, we’ll act as your hands and conduct maintenance and repair work under your guidance.

Examples of the work that we perform in these clinics include:

  • Repair of general wear and tear to prolong life of a system
  • Opening out of a system to allow for growth
  • Fitted gel visco at client’s home to solve pressure problems
  • Annual service of our existing custom seat as part of a preventative maintenance programme
  • Adding foam to make adjustments to seating under your clinical guidance to enable client to sit comfortably again
  • Transferring existing seating system to new wheelchair
  • Enabling a system to be transferrable between two wheelchairs
  • Emergency repairs to stabilise a seating system

These sessions can be booked in monthly slots, allowing efficient planning of clinics, and they can also usually be arranged at short notice. The service is mobile, and can take place at your chosen location.

Please contact us to book your Custom Seating Engineer clinic.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch