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Contour Form

Known also as a moulded seat insert, a moulded seat is made by vacuum forming a layer of foam and plastic over the cast to create the seat. The edges of this shell are then trimmed and a padded cover is upholstered around the seat.

Features of contour form

  • Contour Form is a light-weight compact seat providing firm support
  • Minimal framing is required because the forming is inherently strong
  • This allows, when appropriate, for a less bulky design, needing less framing while not compromising on strength
  • Little maintenance is required to this type of seat
  • We can make full or split seats, which can increase covering and aesthetic options
  • We provide two sets of removable covers which are machine washable


The insulating properties of form do not provide good air circulation and can get very warm, although we can improve this by adding ventilation holes. There is also limited adjustment to this seat, because once moulded the shape is fixed.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch