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Contour Lynx

Contour Lynx is designed to be strong and resilient. It is made up of interlocking crosses, each arm of which is slotted with a clamp attaching it to the adjacent cross. When the clamps are loosened a sheet of the material is shaped around a cast. The clamps are then tightened to lock the material's shape, and it is then fixed by an aluminium frame, fitted around the Lynx. Once complete, a padded cover is tailored around the seat.

Features of Contour Lynx

  • The Lynx seat can be made to accommodate adjustments for anticipated future postural changes
  • Lynx offers excellent air circulation because of its open mesh structure
  • We provide two sets of removable covers which are machine washable
  • We can make full or split seats, which greatly increases the covering and aesthetic options
  • We recommend regular maintenance with the Contour Lynx seat, as some units can loosen over time depending on the user


The metallic elements of the matrix and aluminium tube are visible in the finished product. This is minimised by our design but may still be an issue for some clients. Be aware also that because the Lynx material is solid and robust, large seats can be heavy.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch