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Maintenance and review of your new seating system are very critical in order to ensure its safety, and that it continues to function optimally. For your peace of mind Contour886 offer a special aftercare package that allows us to proactively take care of the technical and clinical performance of your seat.

Our standard package includes:

  • One annual clinical review, where our clinical engineer will reassess posture and mobility needs and make any required adjustments to the system
  • One annual service of the seating system and wheelchair, where a Contour technician conducts a full service of the seat and the chair, and a follow up visit to fit any parts highlighted in the service
  • Two repairs per year. This covers the labour costs of ad-hoc repairs to the wheelchair or the seating system, and includes follow-up visits to fit any parts identified in the repair visit. Parts are charged separately If you require a greater level of maintenance than our standard package provides, we will be very happy to provide you with a customised maintenance plan. Please contact us for more details.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch