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Contour Profile

Known as 'carve foam', this type of seat is highly versatile and can be modified to allow for growth or posture changes. The Profile seat is made by tracing the contours of the moulding bag and creating a foam duplicate profile. This is then strengthened using a plastic shell and a padded cover is tailored around the seat.

Features of Contour Profile

  • Some adjustment is possible by trimming or adding foam, allowing us to accommodate change of posture or growth
  • We can use a variety of foams for the Profile seat, depending on the required levels of support and pressure relief
  • The appearance of the seat is optimised by hiding the unique contours of the seat within the foam, minimising visual asymmetry
  • We provide two sets of removable covers which are machine washable
  • The foam is protected by a waterproof membrane
  • The Profile seat requires little maintenance, although interfaces need to be checked periodically


The insulating properties of foam do not provide good air circulation and can get very warm, although we can improve this by adding ventilation holes. In some cases foam can also compress over time, changing the supporting properties of the seat.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch