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At Contour886 we are passionate about providing the best service for our clients. We have carefully established a highly qualified clinical team made up of experts in the areas of posture and mobility, and have developed a strong reputation as a Centre of Excellence in this field.

Our multi-disciplinary team works as a tight unit so that the wide range of skills is pooled together to best assist our clients. We know how important it is for our team to be constantly at the top of their game. Thatís why we are committed to their continuing professional development. We facilitate journal clubs, presentations and seminars so that our team can share their knowledge and expertise with their peers from other organisations from the world of posture and mobility.

We provide a highly flexible custom seating service that is tailored to your needs. We listen to your requirements, and can dovetail our services around your existing clinical teams or supply a fully comprehensive assessment and fitting service, depending on your resources. We work with both NHS managed wheelchair services and with non-NHS organisations and individuals.

Our team consists of three types of specialist:

  • Clinical Engineers, who assess, design, mould and prescribe custom seating
  • Therapists, who conduct postural and mobility assessment and provision
  • Custom Seating Engineers, who carry out technical modification and maintenance of seating systems

All of our team members have been CRB checked. Contact us if you require any further information.