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Specialist controls offer greater independence to clients by allowing them to drive power chairs, use electronic communication devices and control their home environment. Typically these devices will be controlled in a number of direct ways such as a joystick, keyboard or remote control unit. If these methods donít work for you then finding the most efficient method of controlling these devices can be problematic.

The recent growth in electronic assistive technology has meant a greater choice of solutions than ever before. There is a wide choice of products on the market that can be bewildering. There are methods of powered wheelchair control movement such as switches (touch switch, breath controlled, etc), eye movement and miniature joysticks along with methods to speed up control through multiple switches, scanning technology and device integration.

Determining which is best for you is where we can help. Contour886 offers expert advice on the optimum solution, finding the most efficient means available to enable you to control power chair, communication aide or environmental control system. We do this by taking the time to understand the clientís needs before working with them and advising on products which will best meet those needs. We are independent of any of the suppliers in this market, so our clients can rest assured that we will only recommend the products that are most appropriate to them.

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