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team image Phil Swann - Director

As one of the founding members of the Contour team Phil has seen the company develop as it has strived to meet the changing needs of its customers. He is rightly proud of being a key part of building a successful company. With more than 15 years experience in posture and mobility Phil has developed an expertise in all forms of posture management.

He particularly loves the fact that he works with such a great bunch of people, both those at Contour and also at the customers' clinics. When not working on producing a seating solution for our clients Phil can be found in the great outdoors, indulging in one of the many adventure sports that he enjoys.

Jason Tully - Clinical Engineer and Team Manager team image

Jason has been with the Contour team since 2008. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Assistive Technology, he has experience in working with a rehabilitation unit (Stanmore) and is a registered Clinical Technologist. Jason particularly loves the friendly, open atmosphere at Contour and finds it satisfying to have the ability to prescribe what is appropriate for the client.

Jason is also one of the fittest members of the Contour team. He recently cycled from John O' Groats to Land's End, and also happens to be a black belt in Taekwondo

team image Teresa Ferreira - Occupational Therapist and Clinical Engineer

After graduating in Occupational Therapy from the University of Sydney, Teresa has worked for 9 years with complex therapy clients, including over 5 as the lead clinician in an NHS wheelchair service. She started with Contour in January 2010 and has quickly been learning the more practical aspects of the Clinical Engineer role. She loves the bubbly team of which she has become a part and the innovative environment in which she works.

Teresa also enjoys not having restrictions in her work that curb her natural creativity and imagination. She likes the sense of freedom that this gives her, and that fact that she can design and build whatever she thinks is appropriate for a client. Away from work Teresa enjoy all types of dancing and is unusually flexible (she can apparently get a foot behind her head!)

Zeeshan Shafi - Clinical Engineer team image

Zeeshan has been part of Contour since late 2009 and is currently studying for a post-graduate Certificate in Posture Management, having already graduated with Honours as a Master of Engineering. Zeeshan finds working in the field of rehabilitation both challenging and rewarding, and particularly feels a sense of satisfaction from contributing to making a client happy and comfortable.

He prides himself on being a top foam carver, and is conducting research into shock absorbing solutions that can be implemented in our seating systems. In his spare time Zeeshan has a strong creative streak. As well as designing handmade birthday cards and experimenting with mosaic tile work he even dabbles in writing poetry and short stories.

team image Pam Hastings - Diary Manager and Private Case Manager

Pam is in charge of the Contour diary and ensures that each of our team is able to help our customers in the most efficient way. Having been a Sales Director for many years she learned how to manage a complex and dynamic schedule and has brought those skills to her current role. The annual task of planning the next year's clinics is a challenging one. Thankfully Pam manages to bring it together every time, and does it with a smile.

She is the main point of contact for our private clients, and her ability to get along with everyone makes her popular with our customers and private clients as well as within our team. It's perhaps not surprising that Pam manages to keep the Contour team flying high: she used to be a paragliding instructor!