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quote One of the strengths of our relationship with Contour 886 is the ease in which we collaborate. It becomes a joined up process: they suggest something, we provide our input, and we work together on the solution. Itís difficult to describe a good working relationship, but you know when you havenít got it

Andy and Pam are very helpful in terms of sorting out queries and it's just the fact that even if I don't speak directly to them I feel confident that the information will be relayed and acted upon rather than disappearing into the ether as it can do elsewhere.

  Anne Baker, City & Hackney PCT quote
quote I have been dealing with Contour886 since they started up and the level of service and support I receive is excellent. The Contour team offers an exemplary level of expertise and attention to detail. It is very difficult to find that same expertise elsewhere, and this is combined with a wide variety of options and a great deal of care taken to select the most appropriate solution for the client.  
  Pauline Pope, Physiotherapist quote
quote Thank you to all at Contour for the kindness you extended to us when we visited your premises. The modifications made to the seat have been an enormous success and have made a difference to my comfort and well-being.  
  Raymond Ellis quote
quote Contour staff are highly skilled, and their clinics are very much a team effort. They take time to explain to clients and wheelchair services, and they give very clear instructions. In our experience so far with Contour the outcomes are good and realistic, and we have been able to meet the needs of both the clients and carers.

Contour have been particularly helpful with our urgent cases; there was one client whose seat was turned around in just 3 weeks, and other examples of where work has been done and posted out much quicker than expected.

  Sue Cobby, East Sussex Wheelchair Services Manager quote
quote Thank you to you and your team for the excellent job for our client who recently received some new Hot Wheels from yourselves.

He is so much happier and more comfortable in it, and the pressure sores that made him so miserable for so long have healed up. All the carers like it and you even made his parents smile so it must be good. So well done, you were brill.

  Deen Reed, Viking House, South quote
quote Working with Contour has been a very positive experience. Phil was very patient with the client and was good at adapting the assessment to suit their needs. The client never felt under pressure time wise. Whatever was needed, we would either do or we would come up with an alternative solution. She felt that she could always have what she wanted and needed. We got Ďall the boxes ticked' and never had to compromise. I couldn't be happier.  
  Sarah Broadhurst, Team Leader quote
quote Please find enclosed a personal thank you from James Roberts for the seat which you recently made for him. I would like to add to this my own personal thanks for you being so generous and helpful in producing such a high quality seat. So far the seat has been working really well and I'm happy that this will no longer be a limiting factor in James' ability to perform to his full potential in Beijing.

I hope that all goes well between now and September 11th and I look forward to letting you know how they perform. Many thanks again for all your help

  Tom Dyson, Lead Coach - Adaptive Boats quote

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