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Our highly specialised team is actively involved in sharing their knowledge on the different aspects of posture and mobility with individuals and organisations. We are available to conduct training that is tailored to your needs, and we bring in experts in specific areas to support us where required to help us deliver relevant and high quality workshops.

We can provide one to one coaching or mentoring for a period of time to support members of your team as they develop core specialist skills. This works well for people who have just completed the Oxford Postural Management Course and are looking for additional mentoring while they put their training into practice. Contact us for more details about this service.

Examples of recent training conducted by contour886 include:

  • Workshops with Pauline Pope on custom moulded seating: Norwich; PMG 2009; Nordic Seating symposium in Iceland, 2009
  • Presentation on custom moulded seating and materials: Nordic Seating symposium in Iceland, 2009; Chailey Heritage 2010
  • Moulding techniques: Oxford Posture Management Course
  • Special seating training: British Healthcare Trades Association,
  • Posture course: Surrey University
  • Training for NHS wheelchair service managers: internally run

We also conducted a Contour training course as part of our series of Open Days, and received excellent feedback from our last event, with all three sessions fully subscribed.

If you have any further questions or enquiries please get in touch